Do you ever feel disconnected from your partner?

This does not have to become normal.

Feeling disconnected in your relationship can stem from many reasons, one of the most common reasons is due to a disconnection from understating of yourself.  

If you are detached from your own desires, needs, emotions and feelings, it is always going to be much harder to stay connected to your lover.  Why? Because if you don’t understand what is happening within yourself, how can you expect to have the capacity to communicate this to your partner?  

This can lead to un-met expectations and a lack of trust and desire.

There are many ways you or your partner may feel emotionally and physically disconnected from each other:

  • Absence of intimacy and physical touch
  • Unresolved disagreements or arguments
  • Unconscious communication or no communication and avoidance
  • Feeling absent or alone even in each others presence
  • Lack of shared hobbies and interests / spending little time together
  • Continued criticism and blame / lack of support
  • Lack of understanding and empathy
  • Betray and trust issues
  • You have forgotten how to play and be creative together
  • Lack of future planning and focus on individual interests

A deep truth that I have discovered is that if you feel unsatisfied and disconnected, the best place to start is by taking a look at the disconnection you feel within yourself.  

Start practising feeling into your needs, desires, wants and pains.  Start resolving things for yourself and looking after your needs and personal growth. Self care and practices to awaken your own wholeness first.  

Then start working towards guidance and conscious communication with your partner to rebuild the intimacy and connection you desire, using practices and quality time together.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Reflect on your emotions and needs
  • Create quality time together
  • Practice communication
  • Support each others concerns
  • Set individual goals and also goals as a couple

This weekend at Billabong Retreat, Willow Petersen will be sharing some beautiful practices to support people to drop into themselves and then offer some special ways to connect and communicate with your partner.