Staff Wellness Programs

Wellness, Nutrition, Stress Management, Mindful Leadership

  • 45 minutes drive from Sydney CBD
  • 15 minutes to Rouse Hill Metro
  • Purpose built training centre
  • Evidence science based programs
  • Come for single day or overnight
  • Visit as a team or individually

I am inspired and will practice daily

The facilitator shows he is so committed to the benefits, history and contemporary research for these essential life practices.




I learnt so much about how meditation and mindfulness work and small changes I can make to improve how I experience my life.




Fantastic programme of yoga and meditation all grounded in science- not new age fluff.



I've gained some marvellous techniques

The retreat course was great and provided me with some fantastic tools to help me become more aware and able to relax and destress.




I have just experienced a stress management course at Billabong and found the combination of science and thousands-of-years-old yoga and meditation practice so appropriate for where I am at now.



Yoga Essentials Retreat

Stress & Wellness Staff Training

Safe Work estimates that stress costs Australian business more than $10bn every year due to absenteeism.

How much is it costing your workplace?

Program Components

Modern Science

Our program is based on the latest neuroscience of how the brain is able to change itself through neuroplasticity and how we can use this to our advantage to create beneficial habitual patterns.


Mindfulness teaches us to train our brain to pay attention to particular thoughts, emotions or sensations to ensure our choices determine positive mental habits that develop the results we want.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ teaches us to become sensitive and aware to our own and others emotional fluctuations and learn to decide wisely between them to ensure they do not inappropriately influence ours or others decision making.

Nutrition & Fitness

Good mental and physical health starts with a healthy gut microbiome, good nutrition and regular exercise. Our prograns provide daily guides that will help improve mental focus, energy levels and resilience.

Mindfulness trains the mind to become aware of awareness itself and to pay attention to one’s own intention.

Dan Siegel

Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA

Benefits of Staff Wellness Programs

Reduced Absenteeism

Employees who handle stress well don’t get sick as much and don’t need as much time off.

Improved Decision Making

When stressed parts of our neural circuits close down it leads us to make more emotionally charged decisions.

More Effective Team Work

Mindful staff are better able to understand each others needs and be less reactive when someone is having a bad day.

Enhances Wellbeing

Staff that manage pressure effectively are happier, fitter, more content and thrive in a friendly and busy workplace.

Paul von Bergen


Paul von Bergen

Inspired by Thought Leaders from Around The World

These programs have been developed by Paul von Bergen, founder of Billabong Retreat and The Mindfulness Show and wellness contributer to CEO magazine. Paul is inspired by world class thought leaders, neuroscientists, mindfulness experts and psychiatrists. You can read Paul’s articles in CEO magazine or on the Billabong blog. 

Articles by Paul    Paul’s Bio

Billabong Retreat Centre

Modern Facilities

Our purpose-built facilities are modern and spacious and offer unique workshop spaces, treatment rooms and a magnesium pool. Winner of NSW Best Wellness Retreat Award.

Experienced Facilitators

We have forty staff including seven experienced workshop facilitators for mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, emotional intelligence, stress management and meditation.

Groups of 1 to 52 pax

We have 26 private rooms and can accomodate 26 guests in single share or up to 52 guests twin share. Organisations can send staff members individually, as a team or as a larger group.

Amazing Food

We offer wholefood meals that are nutritious and delicious. All teas, coffees and filtered water are included. Alcohol is discouraged.