Pre Natal Retreats

Preparation for Birth
image of pregnant woman attending our Pre Natal Retreat

Sending beautifully relaxing vibes to your little bundle of joy in your belly


Pre Natal Calm Birthing

For all stages of pregnancy

A retreat is perfect during pregnancy to keep stress and cortisol levels low for you and your baby and prepare your body and mind for childbirth with hip opening postures and breath relaxation techniques. You can either come on your own, with partner or with a friend.

Our yoga class are suitable for pregnant woman with or without yoga experience and you would be given modified yoga postures as appropriate. All our retreats include daily yoga, delicious wholefoods, relaxation workshop and access to wellness books and podcasts. We provide blankets and bolsters for comfort and support during the classes.

Please note these are not pre-natal exclusive retreats but our regular retreats open to everyone that are suitable for pregnant persons.

Optional Pre Natal Package $315

  • Private prenatal yoga class
  • Relaxation massage using pregnancy pillows
  • Available on every retreat