Mums, you will understand me.

All of a sudden you have birthed a new level of love but it has come with a new level of stress –  a menstrual nightmare.

“Why are you doing this to me”  – I definitely have said that a few times.

This has to change. Your bloodshed is a reflection of the state of your internal environment and you have to be in alignment.

What is your cycle saying?

The biggest thing your cycle is saying when it presents an imbalance is that you are running an old nervous system pattern that is not coping with these new changes.

The nervous system is ultimately being bossed around by your state of consciousness.

Growth, change and expansion beyond this state is your way out.

So what can you do?


Here are the 5 most influential steps to ensuring your cycle comes back into harmony.

  • Learn. Understand the energy that is available for you in the 4 phases of your cycle. This is the active awareness that provides the next step
  • Practice. With this awareness you are then able to know how to tap into the energy that is available to you rather than draining your vital force.
  • Rest. Knowing how to let go and rest is essential for the body to produce good quality blood. This will require you to be able to cultivate internal resources to support change. The most sustainable resources come from the elemental forces.
  • Nutrition. A healthy gut means good absorption and energy production. Focus on medicinal eating and eliminating the items that are contributing to spiking your energy. Start looking at the cellular activity and sugar/protein pathways.
  • Emotional and mental clearing. Change can challenge us and it is always a prime time for triggers. So ensure that you take responsibility for the unseen world.

The most influential practice we as women can do is to re-learn how to cycle naturally. The relationship we have with our cycle can greatly support our central nervous system because we have the clarity and the guidance to practice the right things at the right time.

The cycle effects more than just the physical body. Did you know that your cycle influences your mind, body, emotions and spirit? All of these aspects are involved in optimal performance and you are being challenged to ensure that you are available to the little humans that you have birthed, family, work and above most, SELF.

I am inviting you to take advantage of the upcoming Women’s Wellness Day Retreat that will be held at Billabong Retreat covering the following topics.

  • What is Sacred Feminine Energy and how to use this energy.
  • How the moon is related to our cycle.
  • What energy is available to you in the 4 major phases of your cycle.
  • Some helpful practices to support menstrual discomfort

Knowing this will empower you taking the right steps to supporting your natural rhythm, on all levels.

Click here to book and for more information.

By Kelly Phoenix-Rose

Kelly is a Spiritual Advocate for Cancer, Menstruation/Womens Health and Chronic Illness. She stands for supporting people to connect to the strength within vulnerability as this continues to present throughout people lives.

Her guidance is based, not only from her qualifications as a integrative therapist, shamanic healer, ceremonialist, but because she has direct experience through many obstacles that forced her to learn how to listen to the subtle communications of her body as her life depended on it.

She truly believes that we have more power in our choices when we are connected to the subtle communications of the body and our core centre. It was this ability to listen to the subtle communications of her body that she believes got her to remission. She owes her life to this sound of her soul and her mission is now to inspire people to remember the choice they have in every moment to orchestrate inner harmony and peace.