Speciality Day Program – Saturdays

Womens Health & Sacred Feminine Energy

Harness the power of your cycle

A full day immersion into the world of sacred feminine energy. The benefits of understanding how this energy influences your cycle results in alignment with life through the mind, body, heart & soul.

The Moon influences your cycle and when you know how to be in harmony with your menstruation you will access the vitality of the moon energy. This in turn avoids tapping into your vital energy stores when you’re out of balance.

We will learn how to use the feminine wheel containing elemental forces, energy centres, ancestral waters, natural & holistic rhythms and phases, all for you to use in your 28 day cycle to empower your life.

Discover how sacred feminine energy can turn surviving into thrivig.

What you will learn:

  • How to activate the power of intention to create reality
  • About sacred feminine energy and how to use it to create a fulfilling and complete life
  • How our cycle is effected by 4 phases of energy and states of consciousness
  • Why & how the ancestral line is effecting our healing
  • Theory and practice on common menstrual disorders: identification and support through mind, body & nature
  • Intentional communication with plants, oils and nature
  • How to access a gift from your ancestors in a drum journey

This is suitable for women who:

  • want to learn more about their cycle
  • who have a menstrual symptom, diagnosis, or disorder and seek alternate support
  • would like alternative, natural & free ways to feel more aligned with the cycles of life and nature and overcome disorders
  • want to live a life that is in flow and harmony with their highest intentions
  • would like to know how to manage constant change and overwhelm
  • want to take charge of their health

Kelly is a Spiritual Advocate for Cancer, Menstruation/Womens Health and Chronic Illness. She stands for supporting people to connect to the strength within vulnerability as this continues to present throughout people lives.

Her guidance is based, not only from her qualifications as a integrative therapist, shamanic healer, ceremonialist, but because she has direct experience through many obstacles that forced her to learn how to listen to the subtle communications of her body as her life depended on it. 

She truly believes that we have more power in our choices when we are connected to the subtle communications of the body and our core centre. It was this ability to listen to the subtle communications of her body that she believes got her to remission. She owes her life to this sound of her soul and her mission is now to inspire people to remember the choice they have in every moment to orchestrate inner harmony & peace.

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