A recent guest of Billabong Retreat shared a magical poem ​she wrote. Read on and enjoy!


Billabong Retreat

By Sue Ellson https://sueellson.com


By the billabong

With trees and plants

I hear the birds

Singing their own sweet chants


By the billabong

I retreat from life

To pause and ponder

Or manner of strife


By the billabong

I see a new

The beauty of nature

And humanity too


By the billabong

The air is clear

The water so still

It reminds me to hear


By the billabong

The fire is lit

The earth beneath

Allows me to sit


By the billabong

My heart is healed

My body is treated

And my mind revealed


Lurking within

Life’s accumulated memories

Some good, some bad

And my collected worries


My hopes and fears

The billabong excepts

A life well lived

Moves past regrets


Heaven’s tears

Fill the billabong

Enough for me

And everyone


It is safe to feel

Pain and heartache

Be nourished and nurtured

And remember what’s great


For this moment is yours

To cherish and explore

To truly be you

And so much more