Billabong Retreat is proud to announce the arrival of Right Relations, using the ‘Elemental Stations’ in collaboration with Kelly Phoenix Rose.

March has provide the “go” button for Kelly to start offering a guided, 60 minute, complimentary, nature meditation practice to all retreat guests on Thursday’s and Saturday’s in March.

Look what people are already saying about it…..

“I went on the Nature meditation with Kelly Phoenix Rose and wow what a divine powerful treat. Her knowledge and genuine spirit led the experience beautifully. And I cried on the grass of Mother Earth! I truly feel blessed to have had that time and would love others to have the opportunity as well. Amazing!” – Paula.


What is the purpose of the practice?

To allow guests to experience and build a bridge from nature to self so that we can start to understand how to access the divine through nature. This practice is a self-healing tool that guests can use long after their time at Billabong Retreat. Truly a gift from us, to you. 


What does the practice look like?

Kelly has created four stations that are positioned next to the elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The Meditation is a practice that is led to these nature spots and Kelly guides through her expertise the best way to experience them directly. 

“It is always best to expect nothing, but be open to receive anything when ‘using’ these stations and connecting to the elements, said Kelly.”

“You are working with energy, it is unseen and sometimes the mind doesn’t know what to do with this. It is natural for us to feel the presence of the ongoing sound of the mind. Just allow yourself to not follow through with the thoughts that arise and bring your focus to exploring how it feels to be there for you. Energy moves and something will arrive naturally, added Kelly.”

In our western lifestyles it is hard for us to have the space and time to just be “nature”. We believe that this is an offering that not only touches all parts of the self but nourishes what the soul craves.


To join the nature meditation session book in for an overnight retreat from either Wednesday to Friday or Friday to Sunday and receive this experience, complimentary during the month of March.