Are you ready to go that little bit deeper?

Back by popular demand in 2024, Billabong Retreat is relaunching the Specialist Day Retreat programs.

This unique offering is an opportunity to take a deep dive into interesting topics and practices led by highly experienced facilitators. 

The retreats aim to provide a space that nourishes the part of the soul that craves expansion. 

The day is delivered in the picturesque waterside pavilion and includes:

  • A yoga or physical embodiment practice 
  • 2 x expert led workshops
  • A nourishing lunch as well as a healthy morning and afternoon tea 
  • Access to a 12 acre eco-retreat which features a magnesium swimming pool


Why is it so important to say yes to expanding into deeper resources?

2024 is all about deep healing, growth and transformation. In Chinese astrology we are entering the Year of the Dragon. This year symbolises transformative energies, as this mythical creature is associated with change, renewal and rebirth in various cultural traditions. Just as the dragon sheds its old skin, this auspicious year encourages change, breaking free from limitations and to embark on new beginnings.


How to best utilise this offerings?

Add a Specialist Day Retreat on at the end of your Monday to Wednesday night retreat. Or start with a Specialist Day Retreat when you arrive for your Wednesday to Friday retreat. The Specialist Day Retreats can also be attended as a stand alone day retreat. 


What our participants are saying.

“The Specialist Day Retreat gave me the awareness and tools to deal with thoughts and needs by expressing myself and connect with my body.”

“Cathartic, Cleansing, real, empowering, insightful!”

“I would recommend this to people who are willing to look beyond the mind and western medicine’s approach at healing.”


Coming up in March

Come along and experience a full day immersion into a topic that interests you.

  • Detox with Gut and Digestive Health with Anne Currenti – Saturday 2nd March
  • Mama Reset with Natalie Andrews – Saturday 27th March
  • Navigating Life through Meditation with Basia Nowacki – Wednesday 27th April
  • Vagus Vitality with Tara Fisher – Wednesday 22nd May
  • Vibrational Healing through Crystals with Ondrej Bursik – Wednesday 29th May

Winter Specialist Day Retreats announcement coming soon…