As the festive season approaches, it is common to get caught up in the craziness typical of this time of year: the shopping, the endless ‘to do’ lists, excess food, the events you “can’t say no to” and the stress that can come with family gatherings. Not to mention, the phonetic energy that we inadvertently absorb around us.

If you want to do things differently this year, stay grounded and create a meaningful Christmas, try some of these tips:

Connect with what matters 

It’s crucial to pause and reflect on what truly matters to you as an individual. Is it spending time with family, celebrating the birth of Jesus or giving to others? Your priorities are unique, and this holiday season, it’s time to focus on what brings meaning to your Christmas. Let this guide you to create a holiday season filled with intention, joy, and mindfulness so you can spend your time intentionally, not through obligation.

Set an Intention

Harness the power of intention. Set a clear and positive intention based on what matters to you. It might be to experience joy, create a new family tradition or simply be present in the moment. Post it up places you regularly look at so it stays front of mind. Let this intention guide your actions and decisions. If someone invites you to an event, ask yourself,  “will this support my intention?”

Plan with Integrity

Plan your activities and gift list with integrity, focusing on creating lasting memories rather than checking off a to-do list. Consider the feeling you want to evoke, select gifts and plan activities that align with your vision. Remember, often ‘less is more’. Be clear about what is a comfortable and realistic budget and stick to it. Consider what are the things you often do that don’t fill you with joy. Get clear and communicate the plans with your key people.

Set Boundaries and Learn to Say No

Acknowledge that you can’t do it all. Set boundaries and learn to say no to activities or commitments that don’t align with your priorities. Try saying “no” to the holiday expectations that don’t reflect your values or that cause you unneeded stress and anxiety. Overcommitting or trying to create the perfect holiday can negatively impact your energy levels and your ability to realise that intention you set earlier.

Embrace Presence Over Presents

Shift the focus from material gifts to being present in the moment. While the internet provides ample inspiration, it can also distract and induce comparison-induced stress. Put down the phone, immerse yourself in the joy of genuine moments with your family, friends or your own company. Practice being fully present: focus on the feeling of the ornaments while you’re decorating the tree, notice the light and acknowledge the energy that’s gone into the sharing of a meal. Engage your senses to appreciate the scents, tastes, sounds, and sights that define the season. Allow these sensory experiences to deepen your connection to the festive spirit which is a powerful way to amplify the enjoyment of the time simply by focusing your attention in the present moment.

Prioritise Yourself & Take Time Out

Amidst the holiday chaos, prioritise self-care. Take moments for yourself to recharge and rejuvenate. It could be as simple as a quiet cup of tea, a short walk, or a few minutes of mindfulness, prioritise your well-being. Remember, you can not pour from an empty cup. Recognise when you need a break. Step away from the chaos and take time out to reflect, recharge, and regain perspective. It’s okay to prioritise your mental and emotional well-being.

Get Outside in Nature

Connect with the calming influence of nature, especially if you or your family are feeling heightened. Take a walk in a nearby park, sit in the garden and enjoy the sun on your skin and create space for the kids to burn off their energy. The natural world has the power to contribute to the serenity of your holiday season.

Let Go

Release the pressure of perfection, let go of unrealistic expectations and go with the flow. Enjoy the journey rather than striving for an idealised outcome. Stop worrying about everyone else’s opinion and catch yourself in any self-criticism. Remember, you are choosing to celebrate (or not celebrate) the holidays on your own terms.

Bonus Tip: Invite Ritual

Infuse your holiday celebrations with meaningful rituals. Whether it’s a candle-lighting ceremony, a special family tradition of making Christmas decorations or a moment of reflection. Create rituals that resonate with the essence of Christmas for you and your loved ones.

This Christmas, let conscious awareness guide your celebrations. Prioritise what truly matters to you and set clear intentions and boundaries to protect that which matters most. We hope this approach enables you to cultivate a holiday season that aligns with your values and brings joy and magic to both you and your loved ones.