I have been learning about Mary Magdalene this past few weeks. Inspired by the following books. Enjoy my interpretations,
Paul x

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The Gospel of Mary of Magdala by Karen L. King
Magdalene Manuscripts by Tom Kenyon Judi Sion
Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson
The Sophia Code: by Kaia Ra

For I tell you now that within the heart and the mind and the body wisdom of the feminine lie some of the greatest secrets and greatest powers—and they await to be revealed. And all of it is laid open by the touch of another! Magdalene Manuscripts

Was Mary the first apostle? Could she represent a type of Christianity we haven’t tried yet, Christianity where the divine femininity is worshipped equally to the divine masculine, in perfect balance, in harmony?

Fragments of the The Gospel of Mary ‘codex’ was first discovered in 1896 with later fragments discovered with full publication only happening between 1938 and 1983. It is judged by some as ‘non canonical’ as it does not appear in the New Testament with other accounts of Jesus. Along with other accounts of Jesus it is classified as ‘apocrypha’ which means ‘things hidden’ or ‘out away’ and there has been a consensus amongst the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant churches to not include as part of the core teachings of Christianity and The Bible. What a surprise.

But it is not to be ignored so easily. Dr Karen King, is a historian of religion working in the field of Early Christianity, who is currently the Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard University and she says “the attestation of the Gospel of Mary as an early Christian work is unusually strong” And even though only 8 pages survive Dr King goes on to say that they provide “ intriguing glimpse into a kind of Christianity lost for almost fifteen hundred years…. a radical interpretation of Jesus’ teachings as a path to inner spiritual knowledge… exposes the erroneous view that Mary of Magdala was a prostitute for what it is-a piece of theological fiction….for the legitimacy of women’s leadership…. a sharp critique of illegitimate power….asks us to rethink the basis for church authority.”

Mary’s story is definitely worth telling. Theological historians do not agree on who ‘Mary’ was, whether she was mother Mary, a sister Mary or Mary Magdalene, the ‘controversial’ character who is mentioned “twelve times in the canonical gospels, more than most of the apostles and more than any other woman in the gospels”

In light of this inability to agree on a single authoritative truth, I am expressing my belief that she is indeed Mary Magdalene, who I believe was not just a follower of Jesus (or Yeshua more correctly) but actually his partner, co-collaborator, teacher, financier, moral guide, ambassador and mother of his child.

The Gospel of St Luke Chapter 8 explains that Mary Magdalene travelled with Jesus, helped support him with her own resources, as a witness to his crucifixion, present at his burial, possibly the first to witness the empty tomb and also potentially the first to witness his resurrection. Not much then eh.

The Catholic church has not been a big fan of Mary M, with Pope Gregory I labelling Mary a prostitute in 591 and it wasn’t until 1969, yes 1,378 years,. That Pope Paul VI removed the identification of Mary as a sinful woman. Better late than never I suppose.

So this is a new thing, a very new thing, to have the main organised christian religion accept it has made a very bad judgement about Mary M about the same time that The Gospel of Mary has come to light and is finally being honoured, not only for the wisdom that it contains but for the potential direction that it reveals.

My telling of the role of Mary comes not only from The Gospels of Mary but also from books such as the Magdalene Manuscripts, Magdalene Tales & The Sophia Code, all works that have been transmitted and channelled. These methods of storytelling are not usually acceptable to the mainstream historians but yet have a valid role to play.

Regardless of whether they are factually accurate in all their detail, regardless of whether you believe that the quantum field contains all the information of everything that has ever happened in the past and that this information is available to certain ‘seers’, albeit not always in a grammatically correct english language version, Regardless of those, I believe they have worth and value to this book as they tell a very important story.

The story is that Mary M was from a wealthy educated family and an equal to Jesus. She was an initiated high priestess from the Temples of Isis and an expert in the fields of energy healing and tantra.
She played a pivotal role in Jesus’ blossoming as a man, a teacher, as an expression of God with the divine masculine and feminine in beautiful balance.

She was experienced in the power and expression of the lifeforce sexual energy and taught Jesus how to harness that energy and raise his consciousness into the energetic field from which not only could he perform ‘miracles’, by manipulating the quantum field with his consciousness to change the physical properties of materials such as water, but he could resonate easily with his energetic body and thus not suffer from physical pain and easily transcended the physical body at the time of crucifixion and resurrection. According the Magdalene Manuscripts “It was this advanced practice of the Ka that Yeshua engaged that night before the Garden of Gethsemane” and enabled him to be impervious to physical torture. My belief is that none of this would be possible without Mary’s teachings and guidance.

‘The Sophia Code’ (c8) describes Mary as having studied in the Egyptian Temple of Isis and learning that we are all a whole rose and we should love our thorns just as much as our petals. This links with the core tantra teaching that to act ‘whole’ all sides of us are welcome, including our dark shadow side.

Mary is portrayed as a naturally divine spiritual warrior helping to balance the feminine and masculine energies in the world, being able to lead both men and women. Her light shone so bright that it would not only light up the path for her followers, but blind those that would harm her. She would show the way to turn anger into compassion and demonstrate radiant womanhood deeply grounded as a highly refined oracle.

The book explains that Mary was deeply disappointed by her previous experience of men as spiritual partners and so when she met Jesus, she realised that being in service to his teachings did not mean she had to sacrifice her own divine feminine blueprint, and instead that they could stand side by side, playing different but equally important roles.

She is described as teaching and initiating Jesus in inhabiting his Ka or energetic body, funding the whole tour from her personal wealth, using positive creative energy fields for encouraging awareness by his followers without judgement. She attended to the disruptive negative emotions of his crowds before they even arrived. Mary was definitely what we would now call ‘trauma informed’.

Mary acted like a gatekeeper to Jesus, encouraging followers to come close and trust in him. As a man there is nothing like a wise heart centred woman to vouch for you. These are very useful roles as anyone who has ever taught in front of a crowd will know – cynicism and resentment abounds.

The Gospel of Mary codex explains that when controversy broke out about how to follow Jesus’s teachings, amid fear of retribution from the authorities for poaching the gospel, it was only Mary that had fully understood JeSus’ message and she was able to share a vision she received about “how to win the battle against the wicked, illegitimate Powers that seek to keep the soul entrapped in the world and ignorant of its true spiritual nature.”

Mary and Jesus were in a beautiful spiritual alliance, where ‘immaculate light overflowed from the chalice of their hearts’. Mary was never in servitude but in divine union.

The Magdalene Manuscripts discuss how it was Mary that taught Jesus the awesome powers of the ancient art of tantra, the skill to harness the lifeforce energy available within all of us and explains the process that “In the advanced practices of the Sexual Magic of Isis the male Initiate causes both of his Serpents to rise through the Ka body of the female and the female causes her Two Serpents to rise through the Ka body of the male. The explosive power of this practice is like the energy released by an atomic bomb.

The Sophia Code Mary explains that this future time will come to heal the trauma, heal the sexual repression and “radically embody every facet of our true selves without apology”. Mary realised that she was planting seeds that would lay dormant until the conditions were ripe for their blossoming.
That time is now.

Mary’s reputation can be restored. The people to manifest the blossoming are us. This is the moment where we hold Mary in her rightful place alongside Jesus, where we are clear that the divine feminine is equal to the divine masculine and only by being in balance will we heal this planet and urm, save humanity, yes that’s right.

This is the time to bring in the New Golden Age, not in ten years or fifty years but right now. Nothing more nothing less. Now is the time for the ‘even greater works’ that Jesus’ teaching’s referenced to in John 14:12.

Paul x

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