In the pursuit of holistic well-being, various alternative healing methods have gained popularity, one of which is iridology. Often referred to as the study of the iris, iridology involves examining the patterns, colours and structures of the eyes to gain insights into an individual’s overall health. 

Luke Hines, Host of Channel 7’s The House Of Wellness, recently visited Billabong Retreat to learn more about this holistic practice from our iridologist Anne Currenti.

“The eye can tell so much about a person’s health,” said Anne.

“It can reveal where their digestion is at, how they react to stress, personality, tendencies and traits, as well as other basic things like the state of their lymphatic system, whether they process toxins, how well their bowels are moving, and what their circulation’s like.”

Anne said the ancient Egyptians devoted much attention to the study of the iris, but it was in the 1800s that masters of iridology began examining the eyes and linking markings in the eyes to the physical anatomy of the body.

“Now iridology has developed even further, and we are starting to connect the mental and the emotional aspects of a person to signs in their eyes as well,” said Anne.

Principles of Iridology:

At the heart of iridology is the belief that different regions of the iris correspond to specific organs and systems in the body. By closely examining these areas, iridologists claim to identify potential weaknesses, imbalances, or areas of toxicity, providing a holistic view of a person’s health.

Reading the Iris:

Iridologists use specialised charts and maps that divide the iris into zones, each corresponding to different body parts. Markings, colours, and patterns within these zones are then analysed to interpret the state of various organs and systems.

Common Iris Signs:

Various signs in the iris are believed to indicate different aspects of health. For instance, the presence of certain pigments, markings, or anomalies may suggest inflammation, stress, or inherited weaknesses. Understanding these signs is crucial for an accurate assessment.


While iridologists believe the eyes can offer good insight into our overall health, Anne says it’s not a diagnostic method. 

“Iridology is a screening tool,” said Anne.

“It’s not diagnostic, so it tells us of the potential for health issues and the areas that need nurturing in the body.”

Iridology appointments with Anne Currenti are available to overnight guests at Billabong Retreat on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Click here for pricing and other information regarding our Wellness Centre treatments.