I don’t know where to start with this review apart from in my 18 years on this wellness journey, before Billabong and now during Billabong, after all my hundreds of hours of studying and teaching and writing about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, neuroscience, spirituality, the gut and years and years of podcasts, personal practice and workshops with the best minds past and present that I could find, THIS IS THE BOOK.

This is the guide, the truth, the way and the path. It absolutely nails it. It is supremely simple in its essence. If you really get this book you will find 100% freedom from suffering. But you have to be prepared to be OK to experience pain. ha! That is the trade.

But people are scared to experience pain. They bottle it up. Suppress it. Keep it locked away. We’ve been taught that we can’t express pain, especially as children. But when we suppress it then our behaviours are affected for our whole life, but we dont even know why we are acting like we do, and then we die having never really lived. Oops.

We are not our thoughts, we are not our emotions, we are not our body. They are just things that arise within our consciousness which is the true source of our identity. We are the fricking universe.

When you really get that, when you really life like that then you will find absolute freedom.

I have just reread this book three times back to back. It is  now my bible. I am not sure whether I need anything else.

Love you guys

Paul x 

June 2023