Do you want to live a more meaningful life? We suggest setting intentions to help you achieve your goals and create the life you want. Define what you want to accomplish and align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your goals. When you set your intentions, you focus your energy and attention on what you want to achieve, which increases the likelihood that you will succeed.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when setting intentions:

  1. Be specific: The more specific you are about what you want to achieve, the more likely you are to achieve it. Instead of saying “I want to be happy,” try saying “I want to feel content and fulfilled in my relationships.”
  2. Be realistic: Make sure that your intentions are realistic and achievable. It’s important to set goals that are challenging but not impossible.
  3. Be positive: Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. When you set intentions, use positive language and focus on the end result you desire.
  4. Be clear: Be clear about what you want and what you don’t want. This will help you to stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked by distractions.
  5. Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to achieving your goals. Make sure that your intentions are consistent with your values and that you are taking consistent action towards achieving them.
  6. Be flexible: Be open to change and be willing to adjust your intentions as needed. Sometimes, things don’t work out as planned and it’s important to be able to adapt to new situations.
  7. Be mindful: Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions and how they relate to your intentions. Remember that your thoughts and emotions are powerful tools that can help you achieve your goals.
  8. Be accountable: Take responsibility for your actions and be accountable for achieving your intentions. This will help you stay motivated and on track.
  9. Be patient: Remember that achieving your goals takes time and patience. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.
  10. Be consistent: Setting intentions is not a one-time thing. It’s important to cultivate it a regular practice and to constantly remind yourself of your intentions.

When you set your intentions, you are setting a course for your life. You are telling the universe what you want and you are giving yourself the focus and energy required to achieve it.  When you set intentions, you are taking a proactive approach to creating the life you want.

Below are some of our favourite quotes to inspire you to set intentions in 2023 and make this year your best.

“The world is awaiting your gift – all you have to do is show up with the right intention!” – Lewis Howes

“Our intention creates our reality.” – Wayne Dyer

“We either live with intention or exist by default.” – Kristin Armstrong

“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” — Bryant McGill

“Guard your time fiercely. Be generous with it, but be intentional about it.” — David duChemin

“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” — Bryant McGill

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