In these uncertain times, the benefits of slowing down are more apparent than ever. While the world speeds up around us, why not spend five minutes per day hitting pause and connecting to your breath?

Enjoy this guided meditation by Larissa inviting you to take five minutes for yourself. In a world that demands that we are constantly moving and doing, being still is a radical act!

About Larissa

Larissa is a yoga, meditation and sound facilitator who currently hosts our Wednesday to Friday retreats. Her mission is to hold a loving and nurturing space for others to be themselves and to become comfortable in the uncomfortable, real and vulnerable.

Larissa is an advocate for not trying to recreate ourselves but to discover how beautiful we already are. She says “to meet oneself we must be willing to face the truth, our fears, our traumas, and our internal world. We must take responsibility for our lives and not blame it on others.”