100% plant based & gluten free

• Circular or square baking tin: About 25cm in diameter or 25cm X 25cm if square. At least 6cm high edges.
• Baking paper
• Food processor or blender
• Large mixing bowl
• Oven
• Love of food

(Wet mix)
6 x medium, semi-ripe bananas
1 cup x organic coconut cream
1/2 cup x extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp x vanilla bean paste or powder
1/2 cup x beetroot (pre-boiled or roasted until soft & cut up)

(Dry mix)
1 1/2 cups x almond meal (natural or unbleached if possible)
3/4 cup x brown rice flour or buckwheat flour
1 1/2 cups x cacao powder
1 tsp x baking powder
1/2 tsp x bi-carb soda
1.25 cups x coconut sugar
2 Tb x Reishi, Lions Mane, or Chaga extract optional
(I always use Super Feast medicinal mushroom extracts)

1/2 cup x organic coconut cream
1/2 cup x extra virgin coconut oil
1/2 cup x cacao powder
1 Tb x vanilla bean paste or powder
1/2 cup x brown rice syrup
2 Tb x cacao butter (optional)
3 Tb x coconut sugar
Good pinch x sea salt

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius bake function.
1. Mix all of your wet mix in a food processor until it has a paste like consistency with a few beetroot pieces.
2. Add all of your dry mix to a large mixing bowl making sure to sift the flour and cacao.
3. Pour wet mix in dry mix and fold in with spoon until just combined leaving no dry clumps in the mix.
4. Line base/sides cake tin with baking paper & pour mix in.
5. Bake for about 45 minutes. Check by touching middle of the cake. It should be slightly firm, have little resistance but not wobbly. If you stick a knife in, it should still be a little wet.
6. While it cools, make your icing by warming all of the icing ingredients just enough until they are liquid. Then, blend or whisk together until smooth.
7. Leave to cool for 45 minutes in the fridge.
8. Spread icing over cake.
9. Enjoy & indulge!

About the Chef

Simon Favorito: Executive Chef and Head of Wholefood Education

Simon Favorito comes from a lineage of wholefood chefs & has spent over half his life helping people to discover the magic of wholefood medicine through the culinary arts as a chef, a natural health practitioner, coach & teacher.

Simon offers conscious event catering, educational courses and personalised coaching that combines natural health principles, wholistic nutritional, modern psychology, traditional & contemporary food philosophy to help individuals create their own life changing food culture.

You can find Si cooking and teaching at Billabong Retreat every week Wednesday to Friday. For information on Wholefoods medicine, recipes, workshops and courses around Sydney, be sure to visit Simon’s Facebook page: Your Conscious Kitchen. or his Instagram Page