There is no better disease prevention technique than keeping your own immune system working at its optimum level. Your immune system is a finely tuned highly complex system involving bacteria, viruses, enzymes, nutrients, DNA expression and hormones. It’s ability to constantly discern between beneficial and harmful microbes has evolved over billions of years but it’s success is highly dependant on the signals coming from its human host (your thoughts & stress levels) and the food that nourishes it (your diet). What you do and how you live matters!

Paul & Tory x
Founders Billabong Retreat

The Four Main Ways to Boost Your Immune Function

1/ Manage Your Stress
When we are in sympathetic stress response our immune function is downgraded. Merely thinking worried and anxious thoughts can easily trigger this. Make sure you are sensitive to your own stress response through watching your sensations and thought patterns and learn how to do meditative breathing to deliberately elicit the parasympathetic response. This is the bodily state where your immune system is fully activated and your body does it’s important repair work.

2/ Manage What You Put in Your Mouth
– Minimise or avoid alcohol – it is a poison and is harmful to your finely tuned microbiome.
– Consume fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha as they contain natural probiotics (beneficial bacteria that boost your immune system
– Feed your microbiome with prebiotics such as soluble fibres like leeks, onion and garlic as they power the beneficial bacteria.

3/ Get Great Sleep
This is when you system does lots of its repair work – you need at least 8 hours of quality sleep – not alcohol induced comas. Get those devices out of bedrooms – no blue light before bedtime as it inhibits melatonin.

In the European post-marketing reports of overdose with Ambien, a violation of consciousness (from drowsiness to light coma) was noticed. One case of cardiovascular and respiratory disorders was recorded as well. Complete recovery was observed after taking doses of tartrate up to 400 mg (40 times higher than MRDH).

4/ Do Regular Gentle Exercise Outdoors
This is non negotiable – walking, gentle yoga or just being mobile and active all day. See stairs as a great opportunity to get exercise. Exercise activates your system, gets your bodily systems flowing and in balance and reduces stress. Doing it outside helps you get your vitamin D which also boosts immunity.

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