With our beautiful country being ravaged by fires and drought it looks like we are going to be in for a hot summer. We asked around the retreat and here are some tips from our team to help keep you cool, calm and collected.

Simon – Executive Chef

The food we eat every day has a direct effect on the way we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of these foods can have either heating or cooling effects in our body and understanding this can help us feel more comfortable and at ease from day to day. Here are some simple ways you can use everyday whole foods to stay cooler during the hot summer days ahead.

  1. Reduce and be mindful of eating refined sugar and alcohol. They can create inflammation which results in excess heat.
  2. Reduce certain heating foods like garlic, chilli, onions, chilli, ginger and pepper. These foods have a heating effect and can definitely make you feel a little warmer after eating them.
  3. Try snacking on cooling foods like watermelon and or cucumbers during those hot days. these high water content foods naturally bring down the temperature within.
  4. Reduce your caffeine intake.  By stimulating the body with caffeine we can create a temporary rise within our body.
  5. Drink some coconut water. Coconut water is not only one of the greatest hydrating drinks but is also a beautiful and refreshing way of cooling us down.
  6. Include some peppermint in life. Peppermint is one of if not the most powerful cooling herb. Although drinking a nice warm cup of peppermint tea seems counterintuitive on a hot day it can definitely help to cool things down through the properties within its high menthol content. Rubbing a little peppermint essential oil on the back of your neck can also have add an amazing cooling sensation to your day!

Larissa – Retreat Host

Take a cold foot bath – great for tired and hot feet/legs.


Cold water

Eucalyptus oil 2/3 drops

To add a little extra relaxation to it you can always put some Epsom salts in as well.

Super easy and feels amazing!

Tash – Chef

Cook some of our delicious summer inspired recipes to cool you from the inside!

You could try:

Phoebe – Retreat Host

Try my yoga inspired tips for cooling down the system using breath and simple yoga postures.

See: Two ways to beat the heat this summer

Nettie – Chef

According to Ayurveda, here are some things that help cool the system:

  1. Incorporate cooling foods like coconut and fresh coriander. Fennel also amazing for taking heat out of the gut.
  2. Mint and cucumber are especially nice to put in your water.
  3. Avoid having icy cold drinks as much as possible as this hinders the digestive fire.
  4. Wear cooling colours like calming greens and keep the top of your head covered in the sun.
  5. Another amazing practice is to walk barefoot on the dewy grass in the morning as the sun rises.

Kirsty – Retreat Host


  1. It is easy for summer to be the time to rev up your social life and go, go, go. It is good to play but don’t forget to take time each day to soften the intensity of the mind through meditation and/or guided relaxation.
  2. You might also benefit from lowering the intensity in your yoga practice so that your practice can be the time of your day when you are cooling off, slowing down and taking time for you. Summer might not be the time to start your hot power yoga or Bikram practice if overheating is common for you.
  3. Take time to cool off in nature as often as you are able. Waterfalls are my favourite place to cool off, even in the middle of summer the water tends to be fresh. If you are in the Illawarra region over the holidays I highly recommend exploring the waterfalls dotted around Macquarie Pass (between Albion Park and Robertson).