How do we bring forth our deepest aspirations into a living experience? In this article we’ll be looking at how to distinguish when we manifest from a place of presence and when we let ego run the show. We’ll also explore how we can work with our insecurities and doubts when they arise.

Let’s start by acknowledging the power of being in this moment. If you struggle to have a relationship in the present, notice this. The reason we find it so difficult is because we continually look to the past and future for fulfilment, it has become a habit which has become strengthened by repetition. Once we realise the spaciousness of now, our world can open to the possibility of consciously responding creatively. Even if we do unremittingly project onto the future and manifest according to our goals, it won’t take long before the itch of dissatisfaction arises. When we become conscious of the present moment and manifest from here the future exists as a practical component to life but in essence never really arrives because we are always experiencing this moment.

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between creating from a place of ego and one which is our deeper consciousness. Self-knowledge is one of the most slippery things to master in this world as it is very easy to deceive oneself. For example, if you think you would like to write a book to benefit the world and perhaps insidiously hope to attain some kind of recognition or lasting happiness. There’s this sense of wanting to embellish this sense of self from a place of poverty or underlying lack. Egoic mind will start to creep in at this point and perhaps start reasoning by saying I’m doing this from a place of selflessness, for the greater good, writing a book to help others.

A way to tell when ego is entering the situation is when we feel stressed. When beginning our endeavour to put forth our idea into action, it may be a painting, a book, perhaps a business, whatever it might be. When we encounter inevitable obstacles and we feel frustrated, angry, annoyed these are good indicators of ego. On the other hand, if we experience obstacles and use this as a way to become attentive and pause, we can skilfully navigate our way which doesn’t turn down into negative channels. It won’t be regarded as a hindrance or enemy.

As we engage with action, we can observe our reactions to help guide us along. This will allow us to reorientate ourselves to a purpose which is flowing through us from unconditioned consciousness. When we aren’t focused on a desired outcome, we can enjoy the process -embracing a sense of joy and freedom which arrives from letting be. Sometimes our initial motivation is pure and through the process can be contaminated by ego. When we gauge our intentions by our emotional reactions, we can rejoice that we have the ability to recognise this and let go of the attachment to outcomes and come back to the richness of now. Blame, hatred, antagonism prevents us from accessing the creative power of the universe. When we are not coming from ego, we may find that suddenly we can access an energy flow which astonishes the individual and people around them. It comes from a deeper source, a stream of energy which can enable synchronistic moments to take place.

What is your state of consciousness right now? Can you connect with a place of appreciation, beauty and friendliness in this moment? Even for a fleeting breath or two?

It is likely to be that the doubts and insecurities we’re experiencing today is also the same emotional/mental companions we’ve carried around for years. The idea isn’t to get rid of these familiar companions but to befriend these old foes. Responding creatively to our world involves working with rather than against the momentum of life. To be big enough to accommodate our doubts and insecurities without letting them determine the direction of our life. When we are caught up in feedback, validation and praise our natural spontaneity is temporarily blocked and we react through the conditioned lenses of the past or our projected hopes for the future. We might become meek if it’s in the form we don’t like or alternatively we become righteous and self-indignant when ego is in pursuit of what ego wants.

Recognition of their existence without shutting down will eventually loosen the grip of ego on the situation. Letting the situation touch our soft spot instead of hardening into fixed views. To stay with the pain of our insecurities and to observe how this feels in the body – where do I feel this in my body? To drop the same old stories that have been on repeat for years and reconnect with the vividness, the sensation of the feeling without the storytelling.

When we start to face our fears and move in the direction of consciously manifesting a creation that doesn’t rely on outer circumstances being a particular way, we open to an unshakeable confidence. To the extent we accept ourselves, the parts we like and the parts we find rather unpalatable is to the extent in which we can accept others.

Consciously manifesting is joy in action. It is an effort kept buoyant by a heart centred tenderness free from being bound up in limited concepts and heavy judgements. When we act from our tender heart the environment is infused with a certain dimension of endless possibility where we cease to narrow our view down to what is what isn’t acceptable. Carpe Diem!

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 When Nerida isn’t in the yoga room at Billabong sharing her passion for yoga and meditation you can find her in reception sharing her big, welcoming smile.

Nerida is intrigued by the body/mind connection and enquiring into modes of healing which honour these facets. Nerida also has qualifications in Bowen Therapy and Reiki.