This year we are seeing a huge movement towards gifting experiences rather than things and we are totally on board. Often people buy gifts simply so that they have something to give and I know I am not alone in being given many gifts over the years that I never end up using or that simply don’t serve a purpose (knick-knacks, anyone?).

December is the time when we start receiving lots of phone calls about giving an experience at Billabong as a gift so I thought I would explain the options, along with the good and bad of each so that you can make the best decision for you!

1. Gift an overnight stay

As you have probably guessed, an overnight stay with us is the best way to really experience what we have to offer here at Billabong. We have options for 1-7 night stays, with a one night stay for one person ranging from $250 to $500. We have a range of accommodation options to try to provide options for different budgets. You can see our current price list here.

You could either book in dates for your loved one (but this requires you knowing when they are free. Please note that we do not offer refunds but you can change the dates without penalty as long as we have 14 days or more notice. Or you could buy a gift voucher for the amount of the stay that you would like them to experience (or for as much as you can afford) and they can choose their dates, room type, etc.


  • Your loved one will get to wake up to the sound of the birds, eat at least three delicious meals with us and experience the full program.


  • Your budget might not stretch that far.

2. Gift a day retreat

Day retreats are the perfect “dip your toe in” experience at the retreat. Guests love this option as they get to escape their normal life for a day and feel like they are a million miles away (even though they are only an hour from the city). In the standard day retreat your loved one would arrive around 8:30am to settle in before going into a workshop (the topic of the workshop is different each day but it is basically a talk provided by the retreat host on a variety of topics – always informative and practical!). After the workshop they are free to relax by the pool, go for a walk, read a book or whatever suits them! Lunch is included and before or after lunch there is also an inclusion of a special treatment of their choice; a choice of massage, facial or private yoga/meditation. Then at 3:30pm there is a therapeutic yoga class suitable for all bodies and levels of experience – the ultimate end to a great day! They would then float back into their normal life at 5pm after the yoga class. All of that for just $200.

You could either book a date for them or buy a day retreat gift voucher for $200. Note that if they would like to use the gift voucher for an overnight stay instead, they are very welcome to!


  • Perfect for those who are time poor, nervous about attending a retreat for the first time or those with a limited budget.


  • They will miss out on enjoying our lovely cabins, experiencing eating a nutritious dinner with our other guests and they just might not be ready to leave!

Either of the ways to visit Billabong are great options. Our guests love our idyllic setting, our caring staff and the inspiring classes that they get to attend.

I hope this makes things a bit clearer for you but if you have any questions at all, our beautiful office angels would be more than happy to answer them for you so give us a call.