It seems like almost everyone I speak to has some form of history with anxiety. Is it an epidemic? What is happening to make us so anxious and overwhelmed…?

Author of “I Quit Sugar”, Sarah Wilson, delivers this candid, lighthearted book exploring her own journey with anxiety in a way that doesn’t feel clinical. You can expect many “a-ha” moments when she recounts the anxious self-talk that seems to overpower so much of our lives.

If you have ever felt alone in the way that anxiety presents in your life, this book is likely going to become a welcome ally.

Notable quotes:

“The more anxious we are, the more high-functioning we will make ourselves appear, which just encourages the world to lean on us more.”

“This is the hoary deal-when you have got a mood disorder, few people are heavy enough and patient enough to anchor your ups and downs. And if you’re high functioning in your anxiety, there are not many men (or women) out there who will actually take the kite string off you in the first place. And I do wonder if it’s grossly unfair to ever expect them to be able to. I’ve often expected this of my partners. The expectation was too high for both of us, with all of them.”

“Anxious behaviour is rewarded in our culture. Being highly strung, wound up, frenetic and soooo busy has cachet. I ask someone, ‘How are you?’ and even if they’re kicking back in a caravan park in the outback with a beer watching the sun set, their default response is, ‘Gosh, so busy, out of control, crazy times.’ And they wear it as a badge of honour. This means that many of us deny we have a problem and keep going and going.”

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