I would be really surprised if you have practiced yoga for a long time and have not heard of “Iyengar”. BKS Iyengar is considered one of the founding fathers of modern yoga and the creator of the Iyengar Yoga brand / style of yoga practice. He was a formidable teacher who lived until the ripe age of 95 before he left his body in 2014.

He left behind a strong legacy including a number of books such as the famous “Light on Yoga”, “Light on Pranayama” and “Core of the Yoga Sutras”.

His book “Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health” is an absolute must have for yoga teachers and students alike. Iyengar has included 360 degree photos of many yoga poses. People trying to learn yoga purely through a book may find this very useful.

But perhaps the best feature (in my opinion) is the addition of a number of sequences for common ailments and illnesses. There are sequences for migraines, back pain, asthma, varicose veins and almost every other thing you can think of…! Many people know poses in isolation but are not really sure how to put them all together so this is a great resource to have.

There is also a 20 week program for beginners which is a great place to start for people fresh on their yoga journey but as always, I recommend coupling this with face to face guidance from an experienced teacher because although yoga can heal, it can also harm if not done in a way that is safe and supportive for the body.

Have you read it? What did you think? Let us know!