Being an eco retreat, at Billabong we are always trying to reduce the amount of plastic that we use. There has been a big push in recent times towards bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws and canvas shopping bags and that is great. But, one of the biggest ways that plastic creeps into our life is wrapped around our food.

Enter: Naked Foods

Can you imagine walking into a store where everything is in big tubs and you get to measure exactly how much you need and take it home to your house without having to touch a single piece of plastic? Well, you don’t have to imagine, now it is real!

Buying food from a bulk food store like Naked Foods has so many benefits, such as:

1) You can buy exactly how much you need! Baking a cake and need 2 teaspoons of coconut flour? No need to go out and buy a whole packet that will sit in the cupboard for the next year, you can buy exactly the amount that you need!

2) Buy all of your staples without needing them to be covered in single use plastic that, let’s be honest, will probably never be recycled even if we drop it off to a recycling centre.

3) Take your own jars and containers and receive 5% off the prices. If you don’t have any jars and containers, no worries, they provide paper bags.

4) Buy local! As much as possible, Naked Foods stock their tubs with local products.

5) Eat a cleaner, fresher, more natural diet. Avoid the preservatives and artificial junk that comes in canned / boxed / packaged foods and buy natural, non-GMO, pesticide free food.

6) Receive the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are helping to contribute to a better world for the next generation.

Sound good? Check out Naked Foods website to find the store closest to you (or you could buy online). They currently have 21 stores Australia-wide.

Want to win a free retreat? Billabong are currently teaming up with Naked Foods to offer a chance to win either a three night retreat for two people valued at $1,800 or two day retreats valued at $200 each. Want to enter? Click here.