By Jordan Peterson, reviewed by Paul von Bergen

# Warning: We have had reports that some people are offended by some of the things that this author has said in public. We make no judgement or support for the author. Below is simply a review of this one book #

This is a book that dances around the topics of evolutionary biology, religion, ethics, philosophy, ancient wisdom and the trials and tribulations of trying to live a good life in the modern world. I found it hard not to continually note down profound little snippets and phrases that I wanted to use myself.

His twelve rules are quite abstract and funny and really just an introduction to discuss various aspects of modern life.

He talks about the challenges in trying to “direct ourselves towards heaven whilst still working on this earth” and provides some great advice such as “just do tomorrow the most good possible in the shortest amount of time” and “just do next year more good than you did this year’ – I don’t know if I’ve come across such great simple visions for life before.

The books looks at femininity, compassion as a vice, the role that religion plays, how aggressiveness is conditioned within males and he certainly doesn’t pull any punches.

It is a bold, well articulated boom that challenges the accepted norms. I found it interesting and thought provoking.

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Paul x