AUM is one of the most recognisable mantras in Eastern philosophy, it has amazing benefits and makes you feel so good when you chant it! Read on to learn more about this magical sound…

Did you know there are four sounds which make are the mantra?

UUUUU (pronounced OOOOOO)
And silence!

What does the mantra represent?

The sound / mantra AUM represents pure consciousness, the connection of the self with the divine, the ultimate!

Why 3 AUMS?

Often AUM will be chanted 3 times at either the beginning, end of at both times during a yoga or meditation class.The repetition of three AUM’s symbolizes the three worlds of the soul: past, present & future or rather the three divine powers: creation, preservation and transformation.

What are the benefits?

Chanting AUM has been scientifically proven to calm your nervous system. So get some friends together and get your AUM on!

About the Author

Sarah Loveband is one of our retreat hosts who enjoys exploring the different effects of the ancient practices of yoga.

Sarah’s down to earth nature makes her a much loved part of the Billabong team.

You can find Sarah here on some weekends and she is also available for privates in the Sydney area. You can find her at Private Yoga Bondi.