I remember a few years ago walking past a colourfully painted mural of a rainbow sitting in a blue sky with a quote saying, “Don’t search for happiness, create it!” and I just stood in front of that mural thinking about what happiness means to me and whether I was creating it or just waiting for it to happen to me. Since that moment I can say that I do try to create my happiness every day and here are some tips and ways I do that.


It feels so good! This is probably the easiest thing to do to create your own happiness, it’s the first thing you can do in the morning, the last thing you can do at night and as much as you want in between.  Pretty self-explanatory but sometimes you have to remind yourself to smile.

Add colour to your day wherever possible

Colour is exciting to me and I find that I crave splashes of colour every day, whether it be an outfit I wear, something small like an accessory or socks or one of my favourites; a brightly coloured meal, yum!

A touch of nature

I enjoy the beauty of nature; from the great outdoors to just walking barefoot on the grass in my garden and looking around at plants or the sky. I also like to carry a stone or crystal with me every day.

Make something special from any occasion big or small

Gathering and connecting with people makes me so happy! I am from Mauritius and on a recent trip there with my family we would come together every day to eat, chat, share stories and laughter. No occasion was too big or small and everything would be celebrated from raising a glass to say cheers to singing a song and even more likely, dancing to our native music, Sega.  This philosophy is a strong part of the Mauritian culture and after experiencing this warmth, hospitality and connection I try to make an effort to integrate this into my everyday life.

Try incorporate these and come up with your own ways to cultivate happiness each day. Good luck and be happy!

About the Author

Our receptionist Jess’ smiling face is probably the first face you will see when you arrive at Billabong.

She is a big creative at heart with a passion for dancing, singing and experiencing new cultures.