Feeling our emotions can be scary. Many of us are not afraid of our emotions themselves, but of experiencing them. We may have a resistance to the vulnerability that accompanies emotional expression especially when, during our most influential years of life, we were conditioned to believe that some emotions were OK to express while others were not. Allowing ourselves to fully surrender to uncomfortable feelings as they arise is one of the bravest things that we can do.

Emotions are our internal compass. They let us know when we are in alignment and when we are not. As emotions arise, they are doing so in order to give us insights into the aspects of ourselves that are triggered and essentially, fragmented; these aspects are yearning for integration.

The technique I’m going to put forward is part of a process I learned during a training course I attended with spiritual catalyst Teal Swan, and is based on her “Completion Process.”

It’s best to engage with this technique during an emotional trigger. However, this can be difficult to do when we are in a professional or public space. Alternatively, when we eventually find some quiet time, we can revisit the emotional trigger by calling upon it while in a meditative state.


1) Find a comfortable space. You may choose to do this process either sitting upright or laying down. Call upon the emotion by simply revisiting the memory that triggered the emotion.

2) Drop into your body. Notice the physical sensations that arise as you revisit this memory. Allow yourself to experience the physical sensations that accompany the emotion. Sink into the physical sensations and allow them to engulf your entire body. If this is challenging, focus your attention on expanding the energy of the physical sensations into the other parts of your body, amplifying it with every breath.

3) Allow these sensations to move through your being and telepathically send the message to the emotion that you totally and fully surrender to it. Our intent is important. If we are surrendering because we want to get rid of or release the emotion, this isn’t conducive to the healing process. However, if we are surrendering because we genuinely want to give this part of ourselves unconditional, loving, focused attention, knowing that it only exists in order to keep us safe, protect us and serve us in some way, healing becomes the natural byproduct. This step can be overwhelming so using the breath to direct life force into the discomfort can assist the integration process.

4) As the physical sensations subside or begin to dissipate, you may want to use this time to connect with your higher aspect and ask any questions that arise. Listen to the wisdom of your being and breathe. Most importantly, be intuitively guided to do and say whatever you feel is necessary and remember, there isn’t a wrong way to do this. Don’t second guess yourself 🙂

5) When you feel ready, gently awaken, breathing deeply and mindfully, as you bring gentle movements into your extremities. Know that immense healing and integration has occurred on a subconscious, unconscious and conscious level of your being.

This process can be challenging at first, and we may find ways to escape from our feeling body e.g. disassociating physically by falling asleep, or being caught up in the mental body, engaging with thoughts, images and stories. However with time and practice, you will notice a paradigm shift, influencing your functioning, perception and interactions on both a micro and macrocosmic level.

For further information on this healing process, Teal’s book ‘The Completion Process’ offers valuable and thought provoking insights into the complex nature of the human condition and demonstrates an in-depth, step by step guide into embodying the entirety of our divine selves.

About the Author

Shirin manages our Wellness Centre here at Billabong. where she offers a variety of treatments such as massage, facials and reiki. Our guests are always enchanted by her healing hands.

Shirin is passionate about self care and wellness and loves to inspire people to take control of their own health.