Gluten free, refined sugar free. Vegan option. 

Porridge is incredibly nourishing and grounding and is the perfect meal to start the day as it is gentle, warming and easy to digest. There are many different grains you can make porridge with including whole and steel cut oats, brown rice flakes, semolina, amaranth, millet and barley.  All of these have great health benefits and different textures and lengths of cooking. You may also like to add different toasted nuts and seeds for extra nutrients and texture.

I love the combination of quinoa and buckwheat together as they hold their texture and are nice and chewy.  Both have very high protein and mineral content and have an alkalising effect on the body as they are considered seeds not grains.

Time: 40 minutes


1/2 cup x whole white quinoa
1/2 cup x whole buckwheat
3 to 4 cups x boiled water, start with 3 and add extra cup if needed
1 cup x milk of choice or ½ cup of coconut cream
1 tsp x cinnamon
1/2 tsp x cardamom
1/2 tsp x ginger powder
pinch x salt
1 tblsp x ghee or coconut oil
4 x medjool dates chopped(optional)
100% maple syrup or other natural sweetener of choice


Soak quinoa and buckwheat together in a large bowl of water overnight to increase digestibility and reduce phytic acid.

Rinse grains in colander after soaking and make sure most of the water is removed.

Add ghee to saucepan and heat. now add quinoa and buckwheat and toast for a minute or 2 whilst stirring.

Add boiled water dates and spices then turn heat to medium and let simmer till porridge is tender and most of the water has been absorbed which will be around 30 mins.

Now add coconut cream or desired milk and let simmer for a few more mins till nice and creamy.

Add sweetener and serve in bowls as is, or with a dollop of coconut yoghurt or some toasted coconut and nuts.

About the Author

Annette Robinson (or Nettie as she is affectionately known) is an Ayurvedic Chef who gets joy out of helping others to experience the enhanced digestion, vitality and happiness that the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda has brought her. She has studied around the world and shares her knowledge through customised nutritional plans and guidance, lifestyle consulting and body treatments.

We are lucky enough to have Nettie cooking for us at Billabong Retreat regularly.

If you would like to know more about Nettie you can connect on Instagram or visit her website Om Sai Ayurveda.