So many are constantly looking outside themselves for love.

In the next relationship, chocolate bar, cigarette, drugs, sex, what ever it might be, take your pick. There is a feeling you are seeking whether you realise it or not in everything we do or purchase. Love isn’t something you give away or find in anything other than yourself. You’re not going to find it unless you look within yourself and be the love that you are seeking. Do you treat yourself the way you treat others you love? If you can’t love yourself then why would we expect someone else to?

We actually can’t expect anyone else to love us. We must love ourselves. It isn’t love if we expect for someone to love us back. It’s an illusion of love as love has no condition, expectation or that someone must love me back in order for me to love them. Love is unconditional however we see many examples of conditional love all around us. When you really embody love you don’t need anyone or anything and it’s not something that can be taken away from you as it’s within you constantly. If someone else happens to enter your life then it only adds to it but can’t be lost even if they leave.

We search so much for answers about this world; in books, science, people and history. Seeking always externally, love, happiness, peace and well, everything! Perhaps the answers are within and always have been. Maybe spend that time trying to figuring yourself out first and then maybe you might discover the answer to life. If you can’t understand yourself how can you understand this complex world, or at least pretend to?

Remind ourselves we have a choice and we can chose love over pain. There are generally only two places we all respond from. It’s either a place of pain or love. Rather than meeting pain with pain can we choose to make a choice to respond with love even if someone is hurtful or, in our view, mean. We can choose to see this person with love and understanding they are hurting rather than respond back with pain that they have met many times.

Can we share the love within us with them as these people need it the most. Be the love that we never had growing up. Give love not only to the ones we perceive as nice or good people share that love to all beings. Even to those who have hurt us. When we shift our internal world our external world will change. Meet hurt with love and watch your world change.

Spread the love everywhere you go to all beings and creatures and our beautiful Mother Earth.

You are loveable, loved and loving!

With love Larry x

About the Author

Larissa is a yoga, meditation and sound facilitator who currently hosts our Wednesday to Friday retreats. Her mission is to hold a loving and nurturing space for others to be themselves and to become comfortable in the uncomfortable, real and vulnerable.

Larissa is an advocate for not trying to recreate ourselves but to discover how beautiful we already are. She says “to meet oneself we must be willing to face the truth, our fears, our traumas, and our internal world. We must take responsibility for our lives and not blame it on others.”