Vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free

Smoothies are such an easy and tasty way to pack nutrients into your daily routine, I make them on the “reg” and I thought I’d share with you my top 5 favourites!! They can easily be modified to whatever you like, so give it a try!



1 1/3 cup x coconut water

1/2 cup x frozen mango

1 x frozen banana

1/2 cup x spinach

4 x mint leaves

2 tbsp x soaked chia seeds*



1 cup x almond milk

1.5 x frozen bananas

3 x medjool dates

1 tsp x cinnamon

1 tbsp x honey

1/4 cup x oats



1 & 1/4 cup x almond milk

1 x frozen banana

1/3 cup x blueberries

1/3 cup x raspberries

2 tbsp x raw cacao powder

1 tbsp x maca powder (optional)

2 x medjool dates



1 cup x coconut water

1 sachet x acai powder (100g)

1 x frozen banana

1/2 cup x frozen mango

1/2 cup x blueberries



1 1/4 cup x coconut milk

1/2 cup x frozen mango

1/2 cup x pineapple

1 x passionfruit

1 tsp x lime juice

2 tbsp x soaked chia seeds*



  • The body can’t absorb the nutrients from chia seeds properly unless they have been soaked, soak them in water 1:3 ratio for about 15mins before use
  • If your freezing your own fruit make sure it’s nice and ripe before you do for the yummiest results
  • When buying Acai, try to find the pure products and not the the ones sweetened with corn syrup, I have seen lots of those around!

I hope you enjoyed tasting all of these different flavours. Make sure you share any of your own favourite smoothie combinations, I am always looking for new concoctions.

About the Chef:

Kim grew up in the kitchen with a love of food; learning from her mother who worked as a chef. Once Kim discovered the amazing world of plant based wholefoods and how they not only enrich your diet but your whole lifestyle, she knew that this was the area she wanted to focus her heart and soul on.

Kim’s currently sharing her passion at Billabong Retreat every second weekend as well as creating recipes which you can find at or on Instagram @kimlikesfood