Statistically, women are much more likely to go on retreat than men. There seems to be a stereotype that retreats mean eating rabbit food, talking about your feelings and getting pampered. Although you can talk about your feelings if you want and, of course, we can arrange a pampering, retreats benefit men just as much as women (maybe even more!). Men are much less likely to engage in self care than women but it is just as important for guys to look after themselves too.

If you have been considering a retreat but need a little nudge to make a booking, here are five reasons why guys should be going on retreat.

1) Reduce the possibility of burnout

A recent study of finance professionals in Australia showed that 78% of females and 78% of males in the financial services industry experience total burnout. That figure is simply staggering and we see far too many people wait until they experience total burnout before they realise they need to take some days on retreat.

Burnout occurs when your energy sources become completely drained. Burnout shows itself through fatigue, anxiety, emotional exhaustion, depression and problems sleeping. As if that doesn’t sound bad enough, being in a state of burnout drastically increases your chances of developing illnesses and disease.

Valium has a two-stage half-life that lasts 1-3 days (while in case with diazepam, it is 2-7 days). Most of the drug is metabolized, and only its small part is excreted in an unchanged form.

That’s the bad news; the good news is that you can avoid burnout by replenishing your energy sources. A retreat is the perfect way to do that as it gives you the chance to rest, disconnect and nourish with good food and mindful movement.

2) No rabbit food here

Although we serve a vegetarian diet at Billabong Retreat, our food is very often the biggest highlight for our guests. We have incredible and passionate chefs who serve warm and nourishing food and we promise you that no one ever goes hungry. We often hear remarks from guests that they were nervous about coming because they were unsure about the food but actually they are constantly full and sometimes can’t even fathom eating again in a few hours. Between breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert, your belly will always be full.

3) Disconnect to reconnect

Between the phone, iPad, computer and TV, we seem to be always staring at some sort of screen. Retreats provide an opportunity for a digital detox. A time for you to leave your laptop at home, switch off your phone and simply enjoy the art of being rather than doing. But don’t worry, there is limited phone service if you do need to check in or make a quick call (not that you will want to).

4) Heal your body

Whether you are a tradie or spend all day sitting at a desk, your body will be feeling it. The sad fact is that we aren’t getting any younger and now is the time to start taking better care of this body that we are stuck with until the end. Our teachers can talk you through simple mindful movements that you can incorporate into your day to soothe aching backs and tight shoulders, or any other part of the body that might need some TLC.

5) Develop healthy habits

At Billabong we are really passionate about giving people the tools to continue healthy habits at home. We don’t want you to simply come for three days and relax and detox before going back to your unhealthy habits and lifestyle. So we aim to provide lots of wisdom as to how you can incorporate everything we teach, whether it be mindful movement, meditation or healthy eating, into your daily life.

If there is one thing we can promise you, it is that you will go home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and you may even learn a thing or two.

Thinking of visiting? Try our new offering of Men’s Day Retreats or simply check out our calendar, choose your dates or preferred programs and book now!