Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep, the body and mind probably feel tired, but once in bed, the mind continues to race and keep us awake. For those times, try this meditation which can be done in bed, with the intention to fall asleep. While it is a meditation to help facilitate sleep, see if you can still stay with the instructions and keep coming back to the breath when you find your mind wandering. Enjoy

Basia is a yoga and meditation teacher, known for her down to earth kindness, warm and calming spirit.

She teaches and inspires acceptance of what is, living in the present moment, connecting to your essence and higher self and integration of yoga into your daily life. Basia studied classical yoga with Michael de Manincor at the Yoga Institute in the Krishnamacharya tradition.

Basia is also a transpersonal coach. Her work as a transpersonal coach is to help facilitate higher awareness and body-mind wisdom, uncovering the answers from within.