Q. What’s one piece of advice you could give to someone to transform or take their yoga practice to the next year ( from a beginner to an intermediate)

Pheobe: Oh! that’s a tough one.
I would say, listen to your body, but also challenge yourself. Flirt (don’t push) with your boundaries because on the other side is growth, evolution and transformation.
For example, try a challenging yoga pose, do something you haven’t done before, meditate for longer, try a different technique, try a different yoga asana style, do something out of your comfort zone! You never know what you will learn about yourself and the incredibly deep, never-ending world of yoga!

Q. How does yoga help with easing the mind?

Pheobe: Personally, yoga for me, helps to ease the mind as it helps me to slow down, breathe and reestablish the connection to myself and become present with what is truly happening in that beautiful moment.
As soon as I become present the mind slows down and doesn’t get carried away with the little monkey jumping around in my mind.

A little bit more about Phoebe…

Phoebe Collins
Born and bred in Sydney on the beautiful Northern Beaches, Phoebe fell in love with yoga in 2003 when she was in high school dealing with the stressors of exams, parents divorcing and all the fun and games of being a teen.

She has always had a love of discovering more about the body, mind and spirit and this encouraged her to dive deeper into her studies.
She began her studies in 2009 at The Yoga Institute and has continueworld-renowneder world renowned yoga teachers inspiring her teaching in hatha, vinyasa, yin, meditation.

Phoebe loves guiding students to re-establish a deeper connection to themselves and all aspects of their life.

Phoebe’s classes weave together a creative mix of yin and yang. Expect to leave her classes feeling grounded, revived, happy and with a deeper knowledge of yourself and how to apply the practices of yoga in your everyday life.

When Phoebe isn’t deepening her knowledge and love for all things yoga, you will find her playing and exploring in the great outdoors with her dog Maverick, surfing and frolicking in the ocean, immersing herself in her art, her love for crystals and all things magical.