Creating healthy habits and rituals are the fertile ground for a happy & joyous life. I personally love finding ways to include potent, life-enhancing Ingredients to my personal food culture that enrich my life and my senses simulataneoulsly and one of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to do this is through making an elixir. A life-enhancing medicinal potion.

Tumeric is fast becoming one of the most recognised therapeutic spices that are available, and because if this, it is also one of the most studied and used plants on the planet. Whether it’s reducing inflammation, improving circulations or promoting longevity, introducing this beautiful golden spice into your food culture more often promises to add some extra magic into your life.

This elixir is beautiful way to begin a crisp morning, enjoy with a friend with a raw treat or even replace that morning coffee. It’s spiciness will awaken your senses and warm you from the inside out. For those who are new to Tumeric, begin with the 1/4 tsp and work your way up as you feel.

Tumeric is also a very gold yellow and will also leave a beautiful golden colour on anything it touches, so best to keep your distance from anything white and precious when this elixir is around!

Golden-Spiced Coconut Chai Elixir.

• 250 ml x boiling water
• 1/4 to 1/2 organic tumeric powder
• 2 heaped Tb x organic coconut cream skimmed from the top of the tin (I recommend Honest to Goodness brand)
• 1 tsp x raw organic honey
• 1/8 tsp x vanilla powder or fresh vanillla seeds from the pod.
• 1 thin slice x fresh ginger
• 1 x whole organic cardamom pod
• a pinch x Celtic or Himalayan salt
• a good pinch x organic cinnamon powder
• a good pinch x organic nutmeg powder
• a good pinch x organic ground black pepper

• A blender, thermomix or hand held bar mixer
• A tea strainer
• Your favourite mug to snuggle up with!

How to Make:
• Add all the ingredients to the blender, thermomix or into a borrow jug/pot to use the bar mix in.
• Add the boiling water and blend for 5-10 seconds. Strain in favourite mug and sprinkle with cinnamon or “cayenne pepper” if you would like a little extra kick!
• Sit back and sip on the golden goodness


About The Chef:

Simon Favorito comes from a lineage of wholefood chefs & has spent over half his life helping people to discover the magic of wholefood medicine through the culinary arts as a chef, a natural health practitioner, coach & teacher.

Simon offers conscious event catering, educational courses and personalized coaching that combine natural health principles, wholistic nutritional, modern psychology, traditional & contemporary food philosophy to help individuals create their own life changing food culture.

For information on Wholefoods medicine, recipes, workshops and courses, be sure to visit Simons Facebook page: Your Conscious Kitchen. or his Instagram Page

You can find Si cooking at Billabong Retreat every other weekend and most Thursdays and Fridays.