We just did some great research to find out what bothered people in their lives and we had nearly 5,000 submissions. It really seems that in today’s world many of us want to find a way to calm our busy minds, reduce the effects of stress and improve our energy levels and we are going to put extra effort into making sure our programs and retreats help our guests achieve these goals during and more importantly after they visit Billabong Retreat.

What’s great about this information is that we can all realise we are not alone and that these things affect all of us busy modern people – we are in it together!

1 – I need to calm my busy mind
2 – I need more energy
3 – I need to be in nature
4 – I need to manage stress better
5 – I want to learn about mindfulness
6 – I need to improve my mental health
7 – I want to learn about meditation

The other results are below

When asked to say which was most important.

When  asked what causes them most anguish

When asked about the best way to spend $500