1. Eat Well

Eat the right foods. Look after your gut biome. No processed foods – just eat real food and slowly so it can be digested properly. No antibiotics if at all possible. Lots of natural probiotics. Minimise or avoid alcohol and caffeine. Avoid anything with hormones, chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics in it (that is most things unfortunately!). Drink filtered water.

2. Manage Stress

Learn skilful management of your sympathetic stress response system. First, know when you are stressed. Become very sensitive to the physical, emotional and mental patterns of stress so you learn to ‘catch yourself’ being stressed earlier and earlier. Meditation and mindfulness gives you this connection. Secondly, have tools and techniques that diffuse the stress response – mindful breathing is a popular one.

3. Exercise & Move

Sitting down at a desk all day is the new smoking. Insist on a stand-up desk or get another job. Look for opportunities for incidental exercise. Walk up stairs whenever possible. Get regular low impact exercise – you can’t beat walking and swimming. Prioritise and insist on exercise being part of your social life.

4. Practise Kindness

Be kind to yourself, to others and to the nature around you. Love.

5. Live in Coherence

Ensure your mind and heart are not in conflict. Do what feels right, follow your dreams & instincts, and take risks. Don’t do things just for money. Make your life count – what can you contribute to making this world a kinder and more loving place. Start doing this right now.