By Paul von Bergen

Mindfulness is quite simply the biggest revolution in health and wellness but not because it is new, it is not. The concepts and ideas of mindfulness have been around for thousands of years. It is because the concept of mindfulness has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world and because there is solid evidence based scientific research to back it up.

Mindfulness is just a word that gives definition to the concept that we are the directors of our consciousness and our lives. Our actions and intentions make a massive difference to our health and happiness. We create our own reality. Our patterns of awareness and habits change our brain and nervous system. Really how could it not!

If I told you that by going down the gym every day for thirty minutes and doing bicep curls your biceps would get bigger you would not be surprised. But many people are still surprised to learn that if they ‘ exercise’ a particular region of their brain then that part of their brain gets bigger. Obvious really.

Mindfulness is about paying attention. Training yourself to be able to notice your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations as they are happening and discriminate between them, not take them too personally.

Mindfulness is about realising that thinking is not the only form of human awareness and that with practice we can direct our consciousness to many different things.

Mindfulness is about connecting with our heartfelt desires, our true values and wishes for life. It is about making sure we prioritise on what is most important, listening to our heart as well as our mind.

Mindfulness is about setting our direction in life and ensuring that our actions, wherever possible are in line with the direction we want to go.

Mindfulness is the meeting of science and spirituality, quantum mechanics and cosmology. Mindfulness is art of inhabiting your body and mind.

Mindfulness is the art of living.