Arriving, perfect timing.
Late, fate hesitate
Coming here to mediate
Quiet night, dream inside
others moving different tides.
Sitting breathing frogs I’m hearing,
listening and learning
ancient dreaming

Outside stillness inside stirring
New ways to be, I am learning
Body nourished real food yearning
Relaxing now and life time caring

Fire outside crackles brightly
Some eyes can see now softly softly
Do I know you ? I think you understand
what I’m here for hold my hand.

Waking same place, breath comes first
Continue on with mother earth.
Slowly timing open day
Lotus dreaming billabong way

Stretching body, mind does rest,
stretching body mind does protest
start to flow with breath I understand
only I can take my hand …

It is with nurture that i repair
And see my true nature standing there

Around me too I see others move
In wholeness love and peace too

Moving through now again evening comes
Huge moon above and stars beam down ..
Bonfire, faces light up and laughter

Something knowing I have found
I can feel it in my heart

So on returning to my habitat
of city life and that is that
but inside I move at a new pace
my breath, she breathes, there is no race

each movement guided
belly rise…. belly fall

into life like never before.

Tory von Bergen July 2013