• 1/3 cup coconut oil
  •  2-3 heaped tblspns raw cacao powder
  • 50gms cacao butter (loving earth brand)
  • Coconut sugar (it’s like brown sugar but much better for you)
  •  Stevia powder and drops (only a tiny amount is needed, add more if u want a sweeter version)
  •  50gms of 100 % coconut flesh (creamed coconut)
  •  ¾ cup almonds, pecans or a selection of your favourite nuts..pre roasted and chopped.
  • 1/3 cup desiccated coconut

Gently heat the cacao butter and creamed coconut then add the coconut oil. Gently stir in the cacao powder until combined. Add the coconut sugar and stir in (it won’t melt and stays crunchy)

Add a little stevia to your taste and stir. Mix in desiccated coconut and nuts.

Line a baking tray (one that will fit in your fridge easily). Pour mixture onto tray making sure to evenly spread all the ingredients throughout. Put in fridge for half an hour..or in the freezer for a delicious melt in your mouth superfood snack.

You can add any ingredients to the mix, goji berries, macadamias, dried apricots, cacao nibs, peppermint oil..even some fresh chopped herbs!