With so much conflicting information around about diet and what to eat or not to eat it is best to try to ignore or not take to seriously information in the media.

Simply ask yourself. “Would my ancestors have  eaten this food” If not..leave it where you found it, it will probably still be there unchanged and full of preservatives next century even if you change your mind.

Most of you who have been on one of our retreats would have heard Tory talking about the Weston A price foundation. A not for profit charity founded to continue research of pioneer Weston A Price whose studies of non industrialized people established the parameters of human health and determined the optimum characteristics of the human diet.

The foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient dense foods to our diets through education, activism and research, supporting organic and biodynamic farming, pasture feeding of live stock, community supported farms, honest labelling, prepared parenting and so on. Access to clean raw milk and banning soy based infant formula one of the many issues. www.westornaprice.org

Go to authentic sources for your information, don’t just read and believe. We are in control of our health not pharmaceutical companies who pay for the research and skew it for their own profits. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at your local stores about where your food source comes from. Being alert does not mean being paranoid and resorting to leaving out whole food groups.

Still dieticians in our major papers advocate low fat products a healthy body, when is this going to stop. We need vital fat-soluble activators in fat; we need saturated fats from organic sources for optimal brain function. Feed your children good fats every day!

And consider this. Animals are fed grain to fatten them up.. are we not animals too?  We will  fatten up with an abundance of grain too!