What a beautiful gift. From one human to another. The gift of life.

Just watched the last ten minutes of a SBS documentary with Caroline Quentin, Passage Through India.

It featured an incredible place where babies are brought into this world in a safe and loving environment. Where expectant ladies can spend their pregnancy together somewhere warm, comfortable and with clean water and healthy food. There are cared for by nurses and helpers and have their close friends and family visit. All of these ladies have had healthy natural births before. All of these ladies are carrying babies for couples who cannot carry babies themselves but do have healthy sperms and healthy eggs fertilised and implanted within the surrogate mother. The relationship is extremely beneficial for the Indian lady. She understands the experience of birth and earns around $50 per month. If she carries this embryo for this couple she will earn around $16,000. This is a life changing amount and will allow the lady to buy a house or start a business.

What a great thing that pregnant ladies can spend their pregnancy months in a ‘safe house’, where the developing baby can be soaked with love and chants and massage and joy.

Great for the couple too – one more baby has been created and brought into this world surrounded by love and care.

Perhaps more of the western world’s babies could be brought into the world in this kind of residential community. The way that babies are brought into this world has a profound impact on their initial emotion fear-love settings and thus starting from a good base is so massively beneficial.

In many countries babies don’t even go out for the first six-months – do we nurture our new babies enough?  Calm birthing is such a vital part of live and there’s not enough emphasise on this in modern life. Calm birthing should be part of any national health care program, including yoga movements, breathing & mental focus meditation techniques.

The world’s future is in the hands of our babies very quickly. We have to bring more creatures into this world that care about love, nurture and nature. We need more boys who can connect with their masculine and feminine, we need more boys being shown how to be men.

Yoga teachers us that we need a balance of has sthira and sukham, strength and softness. This is what the world needs too.