By Paul von Bergen

Many people have many different opinions on this, most of us simply don’t have a clue, some of us don’t think  there is one and too many of us seem to thing that it is to collect as many material possessions as possible.

The meaning of life is easy and all the clues are right there. To understand, you need to know how you got here and I’m not talking about your mothers womb!

We have evolved from single cell creatures over billions of years. At each stage of evolution, life has become more  and more complex. At each stage, through trial and error, beneficial changes have become the norm and new forms of life have emerged.

Most people perceive homo-sapiens as a fixed form of life but that is not true. We are constantly meant to be  evolving as a species, of course some much more than others. The human brain is not a fixed entity and its  capacities are unlimited. In fact, life is one endless possibility and purely dependant on how we evolve.

So evolution is what it has always been about. Evolving forward into a more advanced and often more complex form of life. So where do human beings evolve to now? What’s next and how do we get there?

To evolve the first thing that you need to do is break free from your historical evolutionary and societal  conditioning and move forward. Make no mistake, we are still just really apes with a large mind and vocabulary. We share over 90%  of our DNA with chimps so are only 10% different. We are closer to chimps than horses are to zebra.

This is the first step to take, to deeply understand your animal instincts and heritage and the profound effect  they have on how you live your life. Most people are subconsciously controlled by their embedded emotions and  feelings and they just don’t realise it.

To evolve, you need to tune in to your feelings and emotions and be aware of them, then practice not reacting to  them, not being driven by them and not being a slave to them. This is the first step towards mastery of the mind  and evolution away from our chimp ancestors.

Once your start observing your feelings and physical sensations within your body, you find that you can move your  consciousness away from the front ‘thinking mind’ lobe, and into other parts of your mind. This is an incredible  feeling and it’s quite  profound to realise that you can move your consciousness around. The conscious / unconscious  divide is not fixed and can be moved through training and practice. This is the start of realising that perhaps  there are different levels of consciousness available.

Once your start moving your consciousness around you start to learn how to tune in to your energy and vibrations.  Your energy is what you came from and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy is the universal consciousness,  the universal field in quantum mechanical scientific terms or god in religious and spiritual terms.

So evolution is learning to move your consciousness into your own energy, being absorbed by the universal  consciousness and thus being closer and one with god. Call it what you like but it’s the meaning of life. Enjoy x