Speciality Day Program – Saturdays

Cold & Centred

Expand your awareness. Enliven your body. Enrich your life. 

We’re designed to experience life through a calm, fulfilled and peaceful lens. The modern and fast paced world can create disconnection from nature, each other and ourselves. This disconnection is taking us further away from the real and felt experience in the body and mind and impacts every aspect of our lives.

The key to change? The breath.

Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful practice using conscious connected breathing through the nose. It’s a simple, gentle and profound modality of healing that activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When there is calm, ease and safety in the nervous system, healing can occur.

This retreat is designed to anchor you back into your Self.

You will connect deeply with your body through the senses with guided meditation and yoga; explore the subconscious landscape to expand your awareness, shift stagnant energy and shed layers of conditioning and dis-ease physically, mentally and energetically with rebirthing breathwork; and have an opportunity to challenge yourself and the limitations of the mind with cold immersion therapy.

Discover how to work with your body, and not against it and expand your potential. You’ll learn takeaway tools you can incorporate into your daily life and connect with like-minded people in an intimate and shared experience.

To expand your awareness, enliven your body and enrich your life.


What you will learn:

  • Connect with wisdom of the sense body
  • The relationship between impaired breathing and anxiety
  • Breathwork styles for your mood, energy, mental clarity and life
  • The benefits of cold immersion
  • How to regulate your nervous system
  • Overcome stressful situations with breathwork
  • The benefits of Rebirthing breathwork
  • How to move tension, emotion and energy through the body
  • The importance of safety for deep healing
  • How to implement breath and cold immersion practices at home 

This is suitable for:


  • Living with anxiety, low mood, brain fog or overthinking
  • Feeling stuck or lack of motivation 
  • Difficulty regulating your nervous system
  • Disordered breathing patterns
  • Healing enthusiasts looking for practices to use at home 
  • Looking for a way to connect deeply with the body
  • Wanting to experience community and connection
  • Wanting to feel deeply rested and nourished
  • Wanting to feel more energised 
  • Needing a full body, mind and spirit reset 
  • Wanting to feel empowered and overcome challenge

You should not participate in this day retreat if you live with or experience the following conditions:

Rebirthing Breathwork Contraindications:

  • Bipolar 
  • Schizophrenia
  • Epilepsy
  • Vertigo
  • Pregnancy 

Some other conditions include glaucoma, uncontrolled high blood pressure, known aneurysms, asthma (bring inhaler if you have one), acute mental health admissions or changes to mental health medication, or other medical or physical conditions that impair your capacity to be present to and engage with physical and emotional release in the body. Seek medical advice to determine your safety to participate

Cold Immersion Contraindications:

  • Blood vessel problems such as Raynaud’s 
  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (PCH)
  • Cold urticaria 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Venous stasis dermatitis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • If you have heart, blood pressure or circulatory issues seek medical advice to determine your safety to participate.

If you have no experience with cold exposure, it is recommended you finish your showers with cold in the days leading up to the retreat. This can feel a little uncomfortable to begin with, but try to relax, focus on your breath, and finish when you are breathing in a calm, controlled and steady rhythm. 

Your Facilitator: Tanya Savva

Tanya is passionate about supporting people to cultivate deep states of inner awareness, connection and emotional embodiment to reconnect with the Self  –  to enjoy a life fully lived, expressed and loved.

As a special needs mother, Tanya has lived through a full spectrum of trauma and suffering to land in the heart of a joyful love for life despite the challenges she’s faced. Raising her neurodiverse daughter cracked opened her heart to a yearning to thrive, and from that place of goodness grew a desire to guide others to do the same. 

She is a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, Emotional Freedom/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, massage therapist, intuitive and retreat facilitator. 

She works with people 1:1, in group workshops, as well as transformational retreats that invite each attendee on the ultimate journey within.


Dates of Program

25nov9:00 am5:30 pmCold & Centred - SaturdaysSpeciality Day Program

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