Specialist Day Retreat

Navigating Life Through Meditation

Find peace in letting go with the season of Autumn.

Integrating meditation practices into daily life is challenging. We are inviting you to unlock the potential to live life with ease through 3 major fundamental teachings found in ancient spiritual practice. 

Ancient wisdom has proven to succeed amongst generations to support living life in harmony and deep peace.

Now is your opportunity to learn these practices in this full day immersion. 

We will be focusing on 3 major topics:

  1. Attachments to your thoughts: Learn the art of detachment, breaking free from the constant mental chatter.
  2. Awareness beyond thoughts: Discover how to become the observer of thoughts.
  3. Transforming relationships: Find peace in the relationship you have to thoughts, feelings & sensations that impact your relationship with others. 

 As we step into Autumn, life presents the chance to let go. It is here, we are shown our challenges and patterns to all that is “attachments”.

Resistance to letting go only enhances more suffering so why not explore these targeted practices and find out how they can benefit your life and foster a profound shift in perception. 

The invitation to find peace through meditation is here. 

What you will learn:

  • To delve into the transformative power of meditating on impermanence.
  • How to let go of attachments and embrace change.
  • To cultivate a mindset that aligns with the natural flow of life.

This is suitable for:

  • Those curious about meditation and its practical applications.
  • Individuals struggling with letting go
  • Anyone seeking tools to manage stress, anxiety, or emotional challenges.
  • Those open to exploring mindfulness and meditation practices.
  • Individuals seeking inner clarity.
  • Those intrigued by the connection between thoughts and emotional well-being.


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Two Nights Mon to Wed or Wed to Fri
Arrive after 2pm, Depart by 1pm.

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Private w/ Shared Bath $650 $1200
Private w/ Ensuite $950 $1500
Deluxe Queen / Twin $1150 $1700
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Three, four and five nights also available, Includes specialist day program on Wednesday, two nights accommodation, linen & towels, all meals, drinks & snacks, daily yoga, meditation plus retreat program. Spa treatments are additional cost. 3rd Guest in Deluxe or Treehouse Triple +$250 per night + $50 for specialist program. Please view our booking terms.

Your Facilitator: Basia Nowacki

Basia Nowacki is a highly experienced yoga and meditation teacher who has taught at Billabong Retreat for more than 10 years. Known for her down-to-earth kindness and warm and calming spirit, Basia teaches her students to connect to their true essence and promotes the integration of yoga and meditation into daily life.

Basia studied classical yoga in the Desikachar tradition with Dr. Michael de Manincor at the Yoga Institute, Sydney, and is also a qualified transpersonal coach receiving her certification through the Nature Care College, Sydney.

Basia’s first love is meditation. Having met her meditation teacher and mentor at a young age, Basia was introduced to non-dual traditions early in her spiritual journey, namely Advaita & Dzogchen, the practices of which continue to form the basis of her practice. Whilst non-duality is the cornerstone of Basia’s spiritual life, for almost 20 years she has studied and practiced many other spiritual traditions and their associated meditation techniques and as such is well equipped to assist anyone on their spiritual and meditation journey. 

Basia possesses a profound understanding of spiritual teachings and practices from diverse traditions. Not only does Basia comprehend their intricacies, but she also excels in the art of articulation, instruction, and simplification. Her unique ability enables her to render complex concepts in a manner that is accessible and easily comprehensible. Leading this day retreat, Basia guides individuals in discovering inner freedom, cultivating peace, and living in profound harmony with life through the simplicity and depth of spiritual practice

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