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Mama Reset

Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Anxious? Or just needing some time and space for you?

This retreat is a uniquely formatted experience especially for mums which will delve into exploring and releasing ‘bound up’ stress, anxiety or emotions that are getting in the way of the mother, wife and woman that you want to be. When our nervous systems are overloaded due to repeated stress we begin to adapt to a heightened state. this is not sustainable in the long term and eventually symptoms begin to occur as the body struggles to function. These symptoms can manifest as anxiety, depression, unregulated hormones, body aches and pains, poor sleep patterns and more.

Hear and learn from the wisdom of other women within the different seasons of motherhood and learn tools and techniques to reconnect to your centre, unload your mind and relax your nervous system.

Gift yourself the opportunity to fill your cup and get back to the mama that you truly are.

Mothers will be guided through 4 sessions combining a variety of techniques to facilitate the integration of a heightened nervous system back into balance:

Session 1. GROUND

Session 2. RECONNECT

Session 3. MOVEMENT 

Session 4. INTEGRATE

What you will learn:

  • Breathwork and meditation
  • Motherhood and balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy
  • 7 Step Energy Flow to align and harmonise the major energy centres within the body 
  • Stretch therapy for emotional release with an emphasis on increasing the flow of Qi and the release of stuck energy in the fascial system of the body
  • Emotional Freedom Technique 
  • Hypnosis for anxiety release

This is suitable for:

This workshop is for all mothers no matter where they may be on their journey – empty nesters, single mothers, new mums or those about to become a mother for the first time – this space is for you. Gift yourself the time and space to regulate and reset.

Your Facilitators: Natalie Andrew & Jo Callender

Natalie is a childbirth educator who has a particular interest in the role of stress and anxiety on the body and mind during preconception, pregnancy and labour and how this can affect mothers well into postpartum. Over the last 5 years she has supported over 400 couples as they prepare for birth and beyond. Natalie specialises in breathwork and hypnosis and uses these tools to help women and their partners regulate their nervous systems, become aware or release old patterns of being and create a positive mindset in preparation for the intensity and unpredictability not only of birth – but of parenthood. She is also trained in Optimal Maternal Positioning, Acupressure and Rebozo techniques to help prepare the physical body for birth. She has also completed studies in Birth Trauma and offers one-on-one debriefs to couples or mothers needing additional support. Natalie also facilitates support circles for Pregnancy Loss and the transition to motherhood through her ‘Last Days of Pregnancy’ workshops. 

Website: www.preparedtobirth.com.au

Instagram: @Preparedtobirth 

Jo is a healthcare practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Initially trained as a remedial massage therapist and lymphatic drainage practitioner, Jo has continued to expand her knowledge, gaining qualifications in Stretch Therapy, Kinesiology, MET (Muscle energy technique), Musculoskeletal Acupuncture/Dry needling, Visceral Manipulation, and Cranio-sacral therapy. In addition to teaching Stretch Therapy classes, Jo works with clients one-on-one, to address a number of presenting concerns, including pain, lack of movement, and instability. Jo’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology enables her to provide each client with a tailored and highly effective treatment plan.

Website: www.northernbeachesstretchtherapy.com.au/

Instagram: @jo_callender_stretch

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