Speciality Day Program – Wednesdays

Cancer Coaching

The “light of the rose” series for those experiencing cancer

The Rose vibrates at the frequency of love. A powerful and unique opportunity for anyone experiencing a cancer diagnosis who wants to find ways to enhance sovereignty of self, whilst on the path.

A day dedicated to learning natural, holistic ways to create an internal environment of peace, rest & clarity. Delivered in exquisite serenity, the intention is for every participant to experience two states of being:

Expansion: to experience the potential to shift perspective of the common triggers throughout a cancer journey

Receptivity: to experience the ‘Light of the Rose’, the ‘yin’ healing state through receptivity, and connection.

This series will also explore the following topics:

  • What to do after diagnosis
  • Immunity and healthy boundaries  
  • Nutrition and immunity is beyond biochemistry
  • Resetting Negative Energy Fields for life
  • Purifying  the relationship with Life Force
  • The power of  the  higher self “Going up to the Temple”           
  • Diffuse strong emotions with 5 elements and divination
  • The highest healing frequency is Love

Your facilitator, Kelly, attributes her ability to find rest and listen to the subtle communication of her body, to getting her into remission.

What you will learn how to:

  • create a sustainable path of clarity and peace with a relentless mind
  • support the immune system, mind, body, heart & soul through stress responses

  • make peace with the ‘why’ of cancer.

  • make clear decisions that are suited to your unique needs

  • become aware of self-inhibiting aspects clouding a broader perspective

  • to use crystals, oils, sound and plants to support experiencing the (yin) healing state at home

This is suitable for:

  • Anyone experiencing a cancer diagnosis who wants the opportunity to enhance sovereignty of self whilst on the path
  • Those on the cancer path who want to receive deep, restorative nature connection and relaxation

Your Facilitator: Kelly Phoenix Rose

Kelly is a Spiritual Advocate for Cancer, Menstruation/Women’s Health and Chronic Illness. She stands for supporting people to connect to the strength within vulnerability as this continues to present throughout people lives.

Her guidance is based, not only from her qualifications as a integrative therapist, shamanic healer, ceremonialist, but because she has direct experience through many obstacles that forced her to learn how to listen to the subtle communications of her body as her life depended on it. 

She truly believes that we have more power in our choices when we are connected to the subtle communications of the body and our core centre. It was this ability to listen to the subtle communications of her body that she believes got her to remission. She owes her life to this sound of her soul and her mission is now to inspire people to remember the choice they have in every moment to orchestrate inner harmony & peace.

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