Ecodownunder linen

Now on all beds for your eco-friendly comfort!
Ecodownunder Linen

All beds now come fully made with ecodownunder linen!

We have introduced two ranges to Billabong Retreat

Eco-friendly & Organic

  • No harsh chemical coatings, such as formaldehyde
  • No synthetic fabrics
  • We use pollution free oxygen whitening
  • No chlorine bleaches
  • No single-use packaging used in stores
  • Most fibres are grown in ground certified to grow organic cotton

ecodownunder is committed to minimising the use of harsh chemicals.  Quite often cotton sheets are coated with chemicals (resins or formaldehyde) to give them a non-iron finish.   Not at ecodownunder!   Their sheets breathe and are comfortable to sleep on.
"So Comfortable"