Affiliate Program

Be The Change

Become a Billabong Retreat ambassador and earn money by promoting the retreat to friends, community and local business

  • Offer friends, community and local business’ a 10% midweek discount by quoting your special code
  • Earn 10% from any bookings made with this code
  • Earn additional money by setting up promotions in local shops, cafes and studios and you get paid 50c per email (View Here)
  • Note these discounts are not available at weekends

We are looking for supporters of Billabong Retreat who have visited multiple times and know what we are about


  1. Must have visited at least three times
  2. Must have some experience of promotions and marketing
  3. Must live in an area not already assigned to an ambassador
  4. Must have ABN
  5. Must have interest in talking about health & wellness


We will provide ambassadors with the following support package

  • Unique web page containing your contact details and discount code ie
  • 2,000 postcards with your unique discount code printed for no upfront cost
  • Guidelines for how to promote in your community on and offline
  • Monthly support zoom calls with other ambassadors and Billabong marketing staff
  • Guidelines and materials for setting up promotions in local shops


At the end of each month you will be emailed a list of all customer visits in the previous month using your discount code and the amount that you need to invoice for. Commission (minus 50% of marketing materials cost)  is paid on receipt of invoice.

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