Whilst we serve vegetarian food at the retreat we do not particularly promote only only plant based food. This is a great recipe from previous Billabong chef Tash who has a great new book out.

Ingredients List – Serves 4

Lamb leg steak 275g
Carrots any 400g
Tomatoes 500g
Celery any 100g
Kale tuscan 100g
Onion brown 150g
Garlic any 20g (2 cloves)
Cumin powder 5g (1 tsp)
Shallots 30g
Coconut sugar 20g (1 tbsp)
Orange zest 10g
Olive oil 0ml (1 tbsp)
Water filtered 500ml
Salt 2.5g (1/2 tsp)

Preheat the oven 150°C fan. Put the lamb and onions in a large pot on medium-high heat with the olive and sear for a few minutes until the onions are translucent. Add the cumin and garlic and continue to fry for 1 minute. Take off the heat. Add the tomatoes, coconut sugar, carrots, celery, orange zest and water. Stir to combine. Cover with a lid and place in the oven for 4 hours. Remove from the oven stir through kale and shallots. Season with salt and pepper. Tear the lamb apart with tongs and knife into bite sized pieces.

Tash offers conscious catering blessed with high vibration, local+sustainable Australian flavour, Grass fed meat, Line caught fish, Refined sugar free, Vegan/Gluten free available