Stress stress – its a dangerous thing
When that is the only state your body does sing
When this way becomes the norm
Your mind and thoughts living in storm

Always worried about the future and past
No idea that this way is not meant to last
Thinking all things can really go wrong
Self catastrophizing and disaster is your daily song

But fear not, we all have inherited this stress react
From savanna way back amygdala shared fact
Designed to escape from the sabre tooth
Cowering deep down under yonder cave roof

Amazing system it works in a flash
Problem being when triggered decision is rash
For system know not between perceived and the real
If you’re not careful stress your health will steal

When stress is around it’s Freeze, fight or flight
Problem is amygdala don’t know reason wrong or right
There is No difference in the bodies reaction
Between real and imagined, sabre tooth and abstraction

If stress of course was only a thought
Then not really to worry about we would have taught
But important to know stress is so so much more
Learning to manage should become your living law

When stress it is triggered whole body affect
Digestion and immune system becomes a wreck
Those thoughts trigger chemicals pumping around
Cortisol and others, long term use not sound

Learn to elicit parasympathetic
Realise good health aint only genetic
It’s simple it’s easy you can do anywhere
Alert, calm, relaxed you really should care

Otherwise Blood pressure increase and heart rate goes
Long term activation dis-ease sows
So remember that it’s YOU that’s in control
SENSITIVE to stress should be your goal
Notice your internal fluctuations and state
Make calm steady breathing your best friend and mate